The Beginning

YFC Immanuel has its base and offices at Immanuel Conference Center. The center and its buildings are the foundation for the work of the organization.

There has never been a question about God’s desire to use this center for His kingdom. It’s built upon a solid call from the Lord, which is the foundation for all the work being done!

Christian Outreach International (COI) is a US based mission organization that started 1984 and placed their first full time missionaries in Europe 1988. COI had been looking for a mission center for 11 years when this center was presented to them. The European directors – Christer and Kicki Dahlberg –  were leading a team of missionaries in the Czech Republic at that time and were asked to research more about the center and later the possibility of purchasing it. The challenges were huge, but so was the potential. The center was at that time owned by a Czech company and it served as a recreational facility for their employees during the communist era. It had now been sitting empty for several years and it was in a desperate need for repairs. After lots of prayer the Lord clearly spoke and gave them the green light to move forward.

Get up, go down and take the camp because I am going to give it into your hands.” Judges 7:9

The first workers and missionaries at the center

Starting the work

In March of 2000, Christer and Kicki and their team of missionaries moved to the center. They also offered housing to a handful of homeless people they had been ministering to and together they started a journey at the newly acquired center that has continued until today.

From year 2000 to 2004 a massive amount of work was done at the center. Manual labor like cleaning, painting and digging took place and the standard was lifted step by step. The positive reputation spread quickly among their guests and very soon many Czech church groups and foreign mission groups used this place every year. The center also came to host a yearly four month long mission training school that Christer and Kicki ran for Christian Outreach International.

A new chapter

In 2005 the center was put up for sale due to changes within the leadership structure of Christian Outreach International after the death of the founder and president of COI. After nearly 2 ½ years on the market Youth for Christ (YFC) heard about it and after having seen it’s potential, YFC expressed an interest in buying it.

Through the generous donation of Dr. John and Liz Donaldson, Youth for Christ was able to purchase the center in November of 2007 with Christer and Kicki agreeing to come back and run it.

Dr. John with YFC board

The Future

Over the coming year an enormous amount of work was done, much money invested and many new plans were birthed. Thanks to great staff, an organization with vision and drive and key people like Dr. John and Liz Donaldson, Gunnar and Ruth Lie, and others, this center has become a beautiful facility that serves both YFC’s needs and the Christian community here in the Czech Republic.

Ministry is the key foundation for Youth for Christ Immanuel and we always put it in first place. Our ministries consist of an orphan ministry –  Hand of Hope (handofhope.eu), prayer ministry- the House of Prayer (houseofprayer.cz) and the Mission & Conference Centre Immanuel (immanuel.cz) that accommodates our ministries and events for different czech churches.

It’s with great thankfulness to the Lord, and people who have invested more than ever could have been hoped and expected for, that we can look forward to a great future. There are many more chapters to be written -we have only just started!

Hand of Hope – Orphan Ministry

House of Prayer – Prayer Ministry